IV Refresher

Course Description:

This is a class for the nurse who has had Intravenous Therapy education and is interested in learning the latest techniques, Standards of Practice, and best practices for IV Therapy. The class covers care and maintenance of peripheral and central IVs, observing for clinical signs and symptoms of complications, and nursing interventions. This class was most recently updated February, 2021.

Personal Benefits of IV Training:

Update your knowledge and skills: Standards of Practice for Intravenous Therapy are updated once every 5 years. In this refresher class, the nurse will learn about updates to and changes in the Standards of Practice published by the Infusion Nurses Society in 2021. The nurse will also learn practical application and useful techniques for providing safe Intravenous Therapy care for patients with both peripheral and central IV catheters.

Potentially earn a higher hourly income: There are some employers who pay a higher hourly wage to nurses who have been trained to perform IV Therapy. Inserting peripheral IV catheters, monitoring patients for signs and symptoms of complications of IV Therapy, and administering intravenous fluids and medications are all valuable skills which can make any nurse a more attractive candidate for working in home health, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and anywhere that patients may receive Intravenous Therapy.

Course Objectives:

  • Review the basics of how to use and maintain peripheral and central IV catheters
  • Learn the latest recommendations and best practices to follow when caring for patients with IV catheters
  • Learn to observe and monitor for clinical signs and symptoms of IV Therapy, and what nusing interventions are appropriate when complications occur
  • Understand the differences between midlines and central catheters, and when each is used
  • Know when and how to place a peripheral IV catheter, and remove a peripheral IV catheter
  • Understand when and how to change a dressing on a peripheral IV catheter and on a central IV catheter
  • Be aware of what is to be documented when working with IV Therapy